A Starbucks-Veteran’s Coffee Fix

Are you a coffee addict? Do you require that daily dose of caffeine in the morning to wake you up? Read more to learn more about the pros of brewing your own cup.

Quarantine seems to have have caused coffee machines to materialize in every Starbucks-veteran’s house. Mine is of no exception to this rule. I use to enjoy the five-minute walk to my local cafe before running to catch the bus. It became a part of my daily routine: Stand in line. Hand-over reusable metallic mug to cashier. Ask for a tall dark in a grande cup (my dad’s trick to getting extra coffee). Open app on phone. Scan. Wait for barista. Notice wrong name on cup. Add milk. Leave.

Unfortunately, in this current apocalyptic world, the coffee routine has changed. Now, my mornings consist of something along these lines: Walk an entire twenty steps downstairs to the kitchen. Press coffee machine’s ON button. Stick ground beans into filter holder. Wait for coffee to come out. And presto, that’s all there is to it.

I miss the days of standing in line and making small talk with the woman behind me or pretending to gaze at the endless list of drinks ranging from Cherry Blossom Frappuccino to Oprah Cinnamon Chai, only to order the same dark roast as the day before. But, here we are, in 2020 with machines to replace our former cafe runs.

The fourth most popular beverage in the country, coffee is steeped into our culture. Just the right amount can improve our mood; too much may make us feel anxious and jittery.

Dawn MacKeen, NYT

I don’t mean to moan and groan about not being able to visit Starbucks. On the contrary, here are a few upsides to walking into your kitchen and brewing your own cup:

1. You can completely customize your cup o’ joe to meet your morning needs

It definitely feels like freedom when you are your own barista. Too hot? too cold? too much milk? not enough sugar? You can now make your order without feeling bad for asking the annoyed barista juggling ten to twenty drinks at a time. With that said, be careful to not channel your anger into your coffee machine (which has happened to me on a few accounts).

When my family first got our DeLonghi Dedica DeLuxe Espresso Machine, EC685W the process of properly grinding and brewing coffee beans took awhile to master. There were so many parts and contraptions that it became frustrating. Especially in the morning when you haven’t yet had your coffee fix.


2. Now you can write your own name on your cup, written correctly

I had never in my life met a Rebecca spelled with a ‘k’ or an ‘h’, but there it was scrawled on my coffee cup. Rebekah.

A theory that I have heard of in the past is that Starbucks baristas misspell the customers name to increase the likelihood of that person posting a photo of their drink on social media. Whether this conspiracy theory is true or not, one can agree that name-spelling is not the coffee connoisseur’s forte.

4. Nobody can judge you for your iced, no-whip, extra foam, double shot, coffee order with a dash of cinnamon

If you are currently at the start of your coffee brewing learning process, here’s a solid piece of advice: almost anything can be learnt by watching hours and hours of YouTube tutorials. It’s the only way that one can acquire an adequate level of training without having a manager guide them through the art of coffee brewing.

For example, I recommend watching these YouTubers to receive some free lessons:

Whole Latte Love

European Coffee Trip

Real Chris Baca

Seattle Coffee Gear


3. Tired of draining your wallet in the morning? No worries, making your own coffee is a lot cheaper.

The start of your journey into coffee brewing may be expensive, the machine itself, the high-quality beans, milk frother and suitable cup, can all begin to add up. But have no fear! You can use the pour-over coffee method, which doesn’t require fancy hundred-dollar technology. Rather, all you need to do is buy a package of paper filters ($10+) and a pour-over dripper ($25+).

Depending on the quality of your coffee, the beans may be the most expensive purchase. But don’t cheat the system, the coffee beans are going to have the biggest effect on flavor. If you’re not going to buy the best coffee beans possible, you’re missing out on a truly delicious and high-quality cup of coffee.

With all that said, stay tuned for the next article on How To Brew Coffee From the Comfort of Your Own Home.

But, for now, let’s raise our coffee mugs one last time. Cheers, Starbucks.

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