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How to Scratch the Traveler’s Itch in Quarantine

Tired of being confined to your room during quarantine? Dreaming about travelling around the world? Annoyed that your plans are cancelled? Here is some advice to deal with the traveler's itch.

2 years ago from today. My phone lapses into the most painful slideshow of photos taken during my most recent trip abroad. Smiling faces, perfectly plated food and breath-taking architecture, they all stare back at me and laugh. Just my luck, it plays sappy music too.

I toss my phone across the bed and stare out the window in frustration. Pulling out my laptop, I re-check the Canadian COVID count for the fifth time that day. Will this pandemic ever end?

It feels as if all my plans and bookmarked accommodation sites have been put to waste. The idea of travelling the world with my friends was the only thing that kept me going during university. I even had a picture of Bali set as my screensaver.

But now, of course, 2020 is cancelled.

As much as I don’t want to complain about this pandemic, I think that my desire to travel has reached its all-time high. I have even stooped so low as to bookmarking Travelocity and Expedia on my computer’s homepage. The insanely cheap prices throw daggers in my heart.

But, if you are anything like me, here are three coping mechanisms to satisfy that traveler’s itch:

Start Writing Blog Posts

This is what I’m currently doing and it seems to be working out just fine! I find talking about my trips and all the amazing people I met along the way somewhat satisfying. It subdues my craving to travel.

With all this time now on our hands, it’s great to read about other people’s experiences exploring different countries. I have even started writing a list of places that I want to visit when self-isolation measures are lifted.

It may be painful at the start, but trust me, it helps.

Reconnect with People From Past Trips

This is the power of fb messenger and Whats App! Nowadays, it seems as if everyone is willing to call or text. Take advantage of this opportunity and re-connect with old friends.

I recently spoke to a friend of mine from the Netherlands who traveled with me during my trip to Barcelona. I haven’t reached out to her in awhile, but once we started talking we couldn’t stop. My other two good friends in Uganda have also reached out to me, and we video chat every Friday.

It’s also interesting to learn how other countries are dealing with this current situation. Are they also on lock-down? Do they need to sign papers just to leave their house? Some may have it worse off than you.

Watch Travel Documentaries or YouTube

David Attenborough’s voice seems to be ingrained in my head by this point. I love watching the beautiful cinematography offered by his shows. It also teaches you a lot about wildlife in different parts of the world.


In terms of excellent travel YouTubers to check out, here is a list of my favorite:

  1. Sailing La Vagabonde
  2. Fearless and Far
  3. Alanxelmundo (in Spanish)
  4. Fun for Louis

Best of luck, don’t let the travel bug bite!

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