Best YouTube Channels to Pull You Through Quarantine

Are you bored and looking for some great YouTube channels to watch in quarantine? Here is a list of my recommendations.

In a world that is quickly shifting to an ever-growing digital media presence, it’s hard to not spend countless hours browsing through social media feeds, Netflix shows or YouTube channels. For most students, the closure of school and self-isolating measures have definitely taken a hard blow to our usual daily routines.

For YouTubers, however, it’s just another day in the life… or should I say Day In the Life In Quarantine Video?

If you’re anything like me, you might have already binged your favorite TV shows and movies. Bored and looking for something new to watch, you turn to YouTube. Good grief, now you are spending your entire day re-loading and refreshing the page to see what new content is out there!

But don’t despair, here is a list of my top ten favorite channels to help minimize your search time.



The duo, Marko and Alex Ayling, are brothers who travel the world and share their amazing videos abroad. If you are an aspiring traveler, or enjoy watching videos about exploring new cultures, this is the right channel for you.

Not only are they hilarious and entertaining to watch, but their material will also cure traveler’s itch. (Check out my blog post How to Scratch the Traveler’s Itch in Quarantine).


Sailing La Vagabonde

Riley and Elayna, an Australian couple, document their journey traveling the world by sailing despite having no previous sailing experience. Crazy, right?

It has always been a bucket list item of mine. Despite a brief course at a local sailing center, I have had minimal experience on a boat. This couple definitely provides some helpful tips and tricks for those who are interested in exploring the vast open waters.

Kara and Nate

I’m obsessed with this channel, Kara and Nate travel to some amazing destinations: Philippines, Antarctica, Bhutan, Ukraine… and the list never seems to end.

Recently, they have visited their 100th country! Find out more by following their channel.




Tasty has some mouth-watering content on their channel. As one of the world’s largest food network, there seems to be quite an endless list of content. I promise, this is such an amazing platform to find high-quality content and cooking videos

Also, you will get some great inspo for baking tasty treats late at night!

If I must choose between healthy and tasty, I go for the second: having only one life to waste, it might as well be a pleasurable one.

Yotam Ottolenghi, Brainy Quote

Bon Appétit

This monthly American food and entertainment channel contains cooking recipes, entertaining ideas, and wine reviews, and is a great way to kill some hours during quarantine.

If you are also looking for another great platform to find recipe ideas, this is the right channel for you. Their motto is: Cook with confidence.

Natacha Oceane

Unlike the past two listed channels, Bon Appetit and Tasty, this is an individual and not a network. I love how much Natacha emphasizes intuitive eating (a term to describe the type of style that promotes a healthy attitude toward food and body image).

She constantly encourages the viewer to listen to their body and eat when hungry! Plus, she has a great workout plans / summer shreds that can be purchased on her page.

Rebecca Jane

This is a YouTuber that I have recently become obsessed with and have incorporated into my morning routine. Her vlogs are high quality and entertaining to watch!

Just note, she also has a backstory with food disorders, so if that’s something that may trigger you, then maybe don’t watch. That said, she does talk about her recovery story and her content is informational for those struggling with bad eating habits.


Sierra and Stephen IRL

Sierra Schultzzie and her husband share great body positivity videos. Her first appearance was in YouTubers React To Try Not To Cry Challenge.

It almost feels like you are having a one-on-one conversation with this couple. They seem like very kind people, and I promise they will make your day!

Alisha Maria

Anything from pranks, DIYs, room decor videos, lifestyle, fashion, and beauty hacks can be found on Alisha Maria’s channel. She has over seven million subscribers to her main channel and over two million on her vlog channel.

She is definitely part of the OG squad of beauty YouTubers who have been around since the inception of this online platform.



Best friends with Alisha, the two share a lot in common. They even have a podcast called Pretty Basic (I would recommend if you are bored on a rainy day).

A twenty-two year old vlogger, Remi Cruz shares some great DIY content with her audience. She also has the cutest pup named Daisy!

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