A universal language exists, but why don’t we all speak it?

Welcome to our podcast, Back of a Napkin! Follow us on Anchor, Google Podcasts or RadioPublic for new episodes each month. Today, we will explore why a universal language exists but we choose not to speak it?! Visit our website backofanapkin.org to find out more.

We have all been in a foreign country before, phone in-hand, attempting to use google translate to communicate with a waiter or taxi driver. This got the two of us thinking: why don’t all humans speak the same language? Why are distinct languages still a thing?


Join us as we dive into the cultural, social, and geopolitical factors that contribute to why humans aren’t well-equipped for a universal language. This episode’s guest is Dr. Christine Schreyer, an associate professor of anthropology at UBC Okanagan. Her work in several Hollywood films contributed to the development of several languages from Man of Steel (2013), the Eltarian language from Power Rangers (2017), and the Beama language from Alpha (2018).

In this week’s episode, we will be examining Esperanto, identity associated with language, and the future of language learning!

Interested in learning more? To answer that question, grab a pen, take out a napkin, and join us on our podcast!

Check out Dr. Christine Schreyer’s research here: christineschreyer.ca


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