How will a pandemic impact the future of entrepreneurship?

Welcome to our podcast, Back of a Napkin! Follow us on Anchor, Google Podcasts or RadioPublic for new episodes each month. This week we will be speaking to Nika Moeini to ask her if a pandemic impact the future of entrepreneurship? Visit our website backofanapkin.org to find out more!
In an unlikely turn of events, mixed with a bit of spontaneity, Rebecca Baron and Bonny Yu start a podcast. Educational, up-to-the-minute, alive and witty, this podcast will deliver complex topics in a simple way. Still not convinced and wondering who are we? In short, we are just two students excited to transform complex ideas into engaging discussions. Join us at backofanapkin.org

The best innovations are created in response to specific, urgent, and sizable problems. In some ways, the Covid-19 crisis has proven to be one such challenge. That said, there is no shortage of entrepreneurs who have helped continue to push society forward by developing innovative solutions during these unprecedented times.

This got the two of us thinking: what will the future of entrepreneurship look like?  


Nika Moeini, a mindset and marketing coach, will provide her insights on how to leverage social media platforms, foster a positive mindset, and adapt to a post-pandemic era.

Interested in learning more? To answer that question, grab a pen, take out a napkin, and join us on our podcast!

Follow Back of a Napkin for new episodes on Spotify, RadioPublic and Anchor: backofanapkin.org


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